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Administration Search Page
The Administration Search Page allows you to view the records that you searched for from the Data Entry and Data Management Page. Clicking on ANY link in a record will bring up the Maintenance Page (below left). You can delete an entire record from the Admin Page or go to the Maintenance Page and make changes to portions of the record.

Maintenance Page

The Maintenance Page brings up all the fields of the selected record. What doesn't show in the screen shot (and likely will not show up in your browser) is the Map and Photo fields. They are above the each Photo and to the far right, so you must move the page to the far right in your Browser to see them. You can delete a Map/Photo with the Check Box (the 'Delete' button is all the way at the bottom of the page.) alternately, you can Browse for a new Map/Photo and the upload will replace the existing one (the Modify button is also at the bottom of the page.)

Editing Waypoint files: If the POI files that you upload are pure text files they can be edited from the Maintenance Page. Files that have mixed text and binary data (Garmin MPS and GDB, TomTom OV2, Lowrance USR, etc.) can only be edited within their hardware or application software. Text files that have a checksum (NMEA or proprietary NMEA-type) can be edited without changing the checksum because we don't pay any attention to it. But once you change the content generally the original unit or software will not accept them because the checksum is no longer valid. Be sure to edit a 'copy' not the original. Some examples of text files include Magellan UPT and LOG files, CSV, GPX, XML, and KML files. Right-clicking on the file will allow you to save it on your PC. Be sure you keep the original file extension as Windows will try to change GPX and KML files to an XML extension. After you edit the file you can immediately upload the new file from the Maintenance Page. Here are some sample screen shots.